Sunday, May 22, 2011

Liberated Finish

Finally! I might be the last one to finish, but I'm ok if I'm last. I'm finished and it feels great. I really stepped out of my box on this project. It stretched my imagination and my skills, both machine piecing and hand quilting. Thank you Tonya, for inspiring me and for everyone's kind comments along the way. It really meant a lot to me.

I used a stack of hand dyes for the stars, some with black centers and some with the colors. The blacks I used are different brands and shades.
It's quilted with rust YLI thread, I marked the feathers as I went along. It had it challenges with all the seam allowances where the letters were.

I chose the word Thrive as I knew this was going to be a special piece for me. I never liked the word 'survivor' after dealing with breast cancer, I think 'thriver' is a better word. So my quilt says "Thrive" I think that's the only way to live. Surviving sounds like you are just getting by, Thriving sounds so proactive, so positive. It sounds like you are making things happen!
Thanks to everyone!


Clare said...

This is gorgeous!

No - you're not the last one to finish. Mine is still waiting to be quilted.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Wooohoo!!!!!!!!!! fabulous!

Linda said...

love the use of the word "thrive"

Tissy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Beth. Love the THRIVE statement. Very positive, we all need positive!!!

Lynley said...

That is really lovely, and the quilting is fantastic!!! I like to think I'm "coping" with breast cancer - it sounds like a nice medium-sized expectation compared to some of the other words!!!

Sharon said...

It looks marvelous, Sharon! And I agree - I like "thrive" and I think you ARE thriving! Whoo hoo!