Friday, August 13, 2010

Liberated log cabins

I'm stalled on my challenge project Be Well (it needs tieing, but I want wool yarn that will felt and I haven't found any yet) but I spent a little time today playing with some black and grey blocks given to me. I thought the contemporary prints needed a bit of traditional solid so I turned them into log cabins. Not sure what's next with them, but here's a little variation on the liberated Amish quilts. Somehow I think if an Amish woman was given some printed blocks, she might be tempted to include that free fabric in a quilt.

Oops: I just read Tonya's new "rules" for the next challenge. I met some of the criteria, but I have to admit to using the ruler and rotary cutter for the final square up.
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Tonya R said...

what a hoot - great minds think alike! as far as the "rules" go, those are suggestions for ways to work - don't have to follow them. I love how the colors in your logs play off the grays of the centers.

Chris said...

Love your focus fabric. I never would have though to use it. It just makes your block shine. Can't wait to see more.

ROZ said...

I love it. I made a baby quilt like that once. I used the baby prints, of course.