Thursday, August 12, 2010

Using my New Skills

No, this isn't liberated, or amish. But this is the next quilt I made after taking the LibAmish Challenge.

 I NEVER would have put words in my quilts had I not worked through this process and watched everyone else's quilt evolve. I LOVE the word in this quilt and so has everyone else. Underneath IMAGINE I quilted "a world without Breast Cancer" My friend is doing a 3 day/60 mile walk to raise funds and this is my donation to her journey. She's walking for all of us! My goal is to have this quilt raise $1000 and everyone who has seen it has gone crazy over the word. Thanks to everyone on this blog for sharing and encouraging!


Quiltdivajulie said...

It IS awesome ... good luck to your friend on the walk (there's a group of ladies from our church who do the walk every year - it's a BIG deal!).

Tonya R said...

wonderful, Sharon! I echo that sentiment - would be a great world!

Kim said...

Oh this turned out beautifully......I think the word on the quilt and the great way you put it into the quilt just makes it
one of a kind! Good luck on the fund raiser..
Just to let your know the money donated does not only go for research. My daughter has benefited from those dollars when she had her breast surgery as an uninsured patient.

Happy sewing

Chris said...

What an inspiring quilt. I love your design and all the thought you put into it. Good luck with the fund raiser!

Sew Many Mamas said...

Love this quilt! Love the words : )

debbi d-w said...

Seems very liberated to me! Wonderful concept and execution - brava!