Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Remember these?  I made them for the last Liberated Amish challenge.  But, I didn't use them all.  So, I snagged this opportunity to use up the last of those in pinwheels.  Worked all day today on them and got them done.  Don't you just love pinwheels?  I do.  Anyway, I put my planned quilt (in pieces still) up on the design wall, which has been attacked and mauled by the kitties.  Boy are they in trouble!  They're in the dog house, since a cat house is something else entirely.

Anyway, I put the proposed quilt on the design wall and I LOVE IT!!!  Here's a little sneak pic of one of the proposed corners.  You'll have to wait for the rest until it's done. 



Tonya R said...

ooh, fun so far. bad kitties, bad!

QuiltSwissy said...

Love the kitties in the dog house. Sending my dog Dutch to the cat house would terrify him! LOL. He lacks the equipment!

Love the pinwheels. I have a lot of HSTs from a lazy day I was having several months ago. I wonder how HSTs would look on MY design wall......

in Louisiana

Lynley said...

I love those colours - very dramatic!! My cats are so old and fat they can barely waddle onto a quilt spread on the floor ... although they manage.