Saturday, September 4, 2010

You ladies rock

Your suggestions were genius! First I auditioned other colours - black, hot orange, red ... but didn't like the way they worked together. It looked a bit motley. So I thought - if I'm not using other colours then I'll get a bit more .... unrestrained? unruly? in the slicing. So I sliced and added and ended up with these.

I've still got to fit the pieces together with more filler strips, which will be off centre. I like the diagonal light green in the middle piece. It has been wonderful fun, and it looks SO much more interesting than it did before. Thank you all!!!
PS no seam ripper was used in the making of these pieces .... I may never unpick again. :)


Tonya R said...

wahooooo!!! those blue rectangles are sooo much more interesting now - the movement is really dynamic. go go go!

pklaw said...

Love, love, love it!
Love that creative problem solving was passed on to all of us! I have some "ugly" pieces that will soon be "finished" properly! As with every creative endeavor artwork goes through an "ugly" stage but with addition of details becomes beautiful. I recently made some green and white 9-patch which I did not like at all but then quartered and reassembled until I liked them. Had I seen your post sooner they would have been "finished" in a more random order. As I travel around blogland this morning women are amazing me in so many ways!