Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the Edge

debbi dw here - nothing like a deadline to get me going! I shifted from my planned Global Change (which I will do someday) when I got too close to the deadline to tackle the circles in my other plan. In this layout I have a twist on chinese coins/bars and bricks The coins in this one are on edge, and the stacks are on the edge of the quilt too. I hope to do something fun with the quilting in the big empty space. My words will go on the back and will be "On the Edge" - tricky to put the letters on the back so I could finish, hum? One of my favorite things about this top was running out of the green for the borders and using a similar shade pieced in - just like I've seen in Amish quilts! Tried to show in the photo below (sorry - the lighting at 11:30 isn't great!):
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Tonya R said...

congrats - unusual design that really works well. great area for quilting. yes, I can see the different green and that works too!

Sujata Shah said...

Very nice! I love the contrasting colors of the background and coins!
Also like the fact that they are on the edge!

Sharon said...

I used different blacks in my top, I like the added touch of the different green. What a great space to showcase quilting!