Monday, July 12, 2010

Tutti Fruitti

Erin here. Yes, my top is done. I should have tried harder to get this posted before I had some house sitting jobs without internet access but I didn't. My mother has declared it to be the ugliest quilt on the planet. [Yes, the woman is a beacon of love and encouragement...] I don't really value her opinion very much any way. My oldest daughter loves it though and has to pet it on the design wall every time she comes in my sewing room. Her opinion I do value and not just because she likes my quilt. LOL I like it and that's all that really matters in the scheme of things I suppose. This is my original design idea based on the photo of my "inspiration quilt."

I think I successfully "liberated" the color palette and the setting. Except for the piano key border, it doesn't even look that much like my original design idea let alone the original quilt. Tee hee. I blogged a bit about the process of deciding on the center setting here and here.

The particulars:
Name: Tutti Fruitti
AKA: The Color of Fruit [from a line in the BBC production of Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South which I have watched w-a-a-a-y too many times of late...]
Finished size: approx. 61" x 61"
Fabric: Krystal by Michael Miller Fabrics
Quilting: I'm going to start hand quilting it with black perle cotton as soon as I make the trek into Las Vegas to buy some.
Batting: I haven't decided whether to stick with cotton or try some wool. I live in the desert. I'm afraid I might melt under wool batting.


Jewel said...

I love it... and my mom is the same as yours... gotta love 'em.

Brenda said...

it looks fabulous, and tell your mother I said so!!!!

Tonya R said...

oh wow oh wow, this is fabulous, absolutely so much fun. you did great! love the words and the colors.

Chris said...

Erin, This is awesome! I kept wondering what you were going to come up with. LOVE IT!

Judy in Michigan said...

This is AWESOME!!! What great vision and perseverance!! Love it! Be very proud of this quilt.

Sharon said...

Simply FABULOUS, this one is in my top favs of all that have been posted here. Quilting w/perl ctn will be very nice, and don't shy away from wool batting. It's delightful to quilt through and isn't hot.

debbi d-w said...

Love, Love, LOVE this quilt! Creative words, colors, design - you name it. Congrats on a super job!

Sujata Shah said...

Moms! What do they know about us quilting? LOL
Love your quilt and the words... Yum they make me want to fly to Hawaii or India:)

ROZ said...

Loveliest quilt on the planet!

Kim said...

I was just wondering about this quilt.....I remembered all the fruitti words and wondered what became of the project.
Now I know.....its delightful!
Wool is a natural fiber and cooler than polyester'll fall in love with the way it hand quilts too.

Happy sewing

Mary Keasler said...

That quilt is inspirational and one of the most gorgeous. No matter what your momma thinks

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! A couple of you have eased my fear of using the wool batt. I may just try it now. Thanks!