Monday, April 5, 2010

More stripes!


I got inspired during our moovie marathon yesterday and made this top. I thought the stripes might look nice as a block, and I'm pretty pleased. I'd like to quilt this top and the other solid top as a two sided quilt- I have only been quilting a few years, but I am running out of room for quilts. What is the name of this pattern? I have seen it, but don't know the name.
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Sara said...

Well, one name for it is a Two Rail Fence.

Kim said...

zig-zag bricks is another name.

Nice and bright...:0)

You can always donate quilts if you are getting buried in them.....that's what I do :0)
I like this old time border treatment too.

Happy Sewing

Kim said...
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Kathleen C. said...

The stripes in your yellow fabrics are a great choice-lots of movement.

s'me said...

I like this a lot - how cheerful!