Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Words Needed ~ Finished!!

The unlettered side.

The lettered side.

It doesn't work to assign front/back to this quilt ~ it works either way!

MAJOR kudos to my longarm quilting friend, Chris, for her custom quilting work ~ all I can say is WOW!!!!

You can see lots more photos of this quilt, including several showing details of the quilting, here in a Picasa web album (if you haven't tried their slideshow feature, it's worth checking out!). [outdoor photos taken at The Dixon gardens]

So how did the quilts showcased in Amish Abstraction inspire NWN?

The front came from the Roman Stripe c. 1930 of Plate 34 mixed with an altered setting of the Log Cabin Barn Raising c. 1925 of Plate 61. The borders of NWN echo the layout of those in Plate 61, with corner blocks added (of necessity as there wasn't enough of the border fabric).

The liberated-lettered medallion-based scrappy back incorporated ideas from Plate 51 Back of Ocean Waves and bits and everywhere else ~ like making do with what I had in my stash and using the leftover strip set ends from the front to create pieceable squares.

In the end, it just all came together . . . and I love the results.

Thanks Tonya for organizing this get-together!!!!!



Wendy said...

This whole quilt is Wow! Great job! Great results!

Tonya Ricucci said...

congrats!!!! Send me a big photo if you want it on the website.

Jewel said...

That is so gorgeous! Congrats!

ROZ said...

Amazing! too beautiful

manuela said...

Absolutely wonderful! And sos funny. A really great quilt in so many ways.

Kim said...

Great quilt! and its fun how you had
to improvise to get it all to come together......just like the inspirations quilts.

Happy Sewing

Heidi said...

Gorgeous ! And I just love the way your quilts are photographed