Monday, June 21, 2010

The Eleventh Hour Quilt

It's the eleventh hour quilt! 

I could have started this quilt a while ago but we all know how it goes! Well, I guess you will see couple of more posts during this coming week and I truly hope to complete the top.

I chose to work with " Broken Dishes" pattern. I had a large piece of  a gray Indian woven fabric and added some bright solids to get the contrast.  These days, my primary goal has been to limit buying new fabrics so I am sticking with what's in the sewing room.

I made the blocks with freehand cutting and curved piecing.

Not sure what the words are going to be at this point.  Realistically, it will be something short and simple.

I have been very inspired by all of your quilts.  
It has been really fun watching everyone's quilts evolve and read the stories behind them.
 Definitely a fun experience!

Stay tuned for more pictures soon!


Sharon said...

I like it. The balance so far is excellent, I like the longer row of red and the varied 1/2 sq's.

Tonya R said...

it's beautiful! keep going!

Viviana said...

Your blog is very very beautiful!!