Monday, June 28, 2010

A perfect storm

I have completed my quilt top! Between the constant meals in the kitchen and the road trips to Maryland and Virginia during the weekend, I managed to sew up last rows of my quilt. 
This quilt top has been screaming hand quilting since last week when I began cutting the pieces. I will take my sweet time and enjoy that process just like I enjoyed puttign it together. 
You can read more about it at "The Root Connection

Tonya, I apologize for not putting any words on the quilt. I felt that it says too many things to me and I might restrict the true meaning of it to me by putting few words at this point. Between now and when I start to quilt, I may change my mind and come up with something true! 
Besides,  I am running out of time! REALLY!

 I started out with this layout. I still love this one and plan to make another very soon.

But this one drew my attention. I studied calligraphy in art school and this reminded me of strong and powerful brush strokes resembling lightning in the stormy dark skies.

It reminded me of  ocean waves once rotated the zigzag..

  The gray background fabric is woven fabric form India called Khadee. It is made from hand spun cotton fibers. The various solids are from my stash which also include scraps of my husband's old shirt.

Tonya, thanks you for this fabulous journey!
Loved every minute of it.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Marvelous flimsy finish ... wonderfully unique and I love your description that lends context.

Well done!!!

Sharon said...

Very nice, what a surprise finish from the sneak peek we had earlier. I love it, very liberated and creative!

Brenda said...

very fun and lively. great job!

Tonya R said...

it's wonderful. I really like this zigzag design. no worries about the letters - if the quilt doesn't want them, it doesn't have to have them.

Linda said...

I really love these wonky zig zags......really make you think!!!!