Saturday, January 30, 2010

My choice, I think

Hello everyone! This is Erin in Nevada. Thank you, Tonya, for putting this all together. I'm excited to be able to participate! I think I've made a final decision on the quilt that will be my inspiration. I have to share that I was intrigued by this quilt on the Brown's website. [Edit: Well, I linked directly to the photos and now they've disappeared. So instead I've linked to the pages.]

#111: Unnamed

It's a little bland for my tastes but I love the swirl effect. [Is this quilt pictured in the book?] But I'm wondering if the swirl effect would still be evident if you used more colors in the strips between the red and the blue? I just may have to play around with this one to see what happens.

This quilt is my inspiration except I'll be using a more "liberated" color palette.

#70: Unnamed

Also not what you'd think of as your typical Amish quilt but I tend to be drawn to unique and unusual quilt blocks. Oh, who knows? I may end up doing a Roman Stripe because I really like all those too!


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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, I see a theme here. that swirly quilt is great - no it isn't in the book. And number 70? I'd never have picked that one either as Amish. Definitely a lot of excitement and strong movement in both these quilts.