Sunday, January 31, 2010

S is for Strings (or Stripes)

Goodness this has been difficult.

I started off with the star quilt on the opposite page to Gwenny's Variable Stars in LQI.  I think it's called Matthew's Stars (sorry I got the names switched in my last post).

Then I had another look at the web site and started leaning towards the Roman Stripes.  Then I saw Joseph's Coat which I like because of its simplicity.  The colours didn't grab me, but the quilt did.

Ok - decision time.  I threw the vote open to the family and the only other person in this house with an eye for colour (DD), decided on No.60 on one condition that she gets tohave it either on her wall or on her bed.

Colours yet to be decided, but that's the easy bit!

On that note I'm off to bed!


janet said...

Lovely choice! Love the colours in the original but you will have fun choosing your own - I love the thin striped border.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh yes!