Monday, March 8, 2010

The Back Is Done!

The back is done! The center medallion (name panel) measures approximately 30" x 40" ~ and, because I had nothing on hand with enough continuous yardage, I created a pieced back fabrics that appear in the front of the quilt. [both photos will enlarge when double-clicked]

I admit to being heavily influenced by our years spent living in Indiana Amish country ~ my quilt is much more Midwestern than Lancaster-ish (summertime meant blue skies, golden sunshine, and colorful flowers).

Of course, the top is still on the design wall, not at all stitched together. But, the binding strips are cut and the back is done! Woo Hoo!!!!

To see how I used the other leftovers, please visit my blog to check out Waste Not, Want Not.


conny's quilts said...

What a great quilt is this going to be! You have a nice blog, I love it!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

very fun back. you've already got the binding ready? this is going to be done in no time.

Kim said...

When I first looked at the back without reading the words just having the visual of the overall effect of the backing, my first impression was "flower box". Then your description.......I think you really did capture the essence of sunshine,flowers, and bright skies. large did it become?

Happy sewing

Sharon said...

You're right...this does look like Midwestern summer! Great job on the pieced back. You have your binding ready??

debbi d-w said...

Love your medallion! Posted the blocks from the front on my blog today - thanks for letting me share!