Monday, March 22, 2010

Pin Basted

Some progress, I have pin-basted the quilt. I want to hand quilt this, even though it is rather large (about 50 by 60 inches). The reason is that Amish quilts are usually hand quilted. Although I read an article recently that said that Amish women send their quilts out to be hand quilted by Hmong women who live nearby! So wow. However, if my arthritis starts bothering me, I may end up doing some machine quilting--so, knock on wood for luck, or whatever. It's been fun sewing this quilt so far. I will be slow with the sewing this week, as I was sick last month and got behind in my housework, and it's Spring cleaning time. Recently, I have littered my sewing room floor with little tiny snippets of cloth. Did you ever watch Eleanor Burns on TV, she throws little bits of fabric over her shoulder while she sews? I think that she might have sneaked in here while I wasn't looking. I have a special magnet that I got at the hardware store. It's on the end of a stick. I use it to go over the floor by the sewing machine and pick up any pins before I bring in the vacuum cleaner. Now, I've spent more time explaining that it would take me to clean, I guess. As soon as I have taken enough pins out of this quilt, I still have to finish the tea cup quilt and pin baste it!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I wanted to hand quilt some of my work, too - but the years of keyboarding and other issues have kept me as my long arm quilter's best friend. Best of luck with your efforts!!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

hand quilt the areas that will really show first! fingers crossed for no pain!