Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm ready to quilt this!
My plan is big stitches with dark thread.
Maybe black. Maybe various colors.
Quilting thread?
How about DMC floss on those little rolls?
Should I buy size 12 floss?
And where do I get it?
The shops around here have only size 8 which is kind of thick.

I even splurged and bought wool batting!!
Any hints about thread would be appreciated.


Clare said...

Hi Beth,

By "DMC floss on those little rolls", I assume you mean perle cotton No. 8 which is great for quilting with. Don't get No. 5 - that's like sewing with rope!

If you are going to use floss use the DMC embroidery ones that come in skeins. YOu can either use it as is, in which case it will be like quilting with perle No. 8, or you can cut the length you require and split that into 2 (3 strands each).

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I'm with Clare in that the size 8 pearl cotton is actually perfect for doing big stitches. You could do size 12, I've never actually tried it (Sometimes JoAnns carries it in very basic colors)

Pearl is easier to use than floss - which pulls at different rates and gets tangled and is harder to thread through the needle.

my favorite place to buy pearl cotton (no matter what the size) is here's the page

beth said...

wow! thanks for all that help! My local quilt shop just started selling the pearl cotton, on roll, size 8, lots of colors! But I was worried it would still be too thick. Thanks for the input.
Now maybe I'll make a little investment in thread! :) And then I'll need to start quilting!

Diane said...

I love this quilt! And the #8 pearl cotton is really easy to quilt with, I use it all the time. My local store doesn't carry the 12at all. If you use a large enough embroidery needle, it will just glide thru the layers. And if you do any kind of embroidery, I predict you will start using the 8 for just about everything. I used to be a big floss junkie, and now I hardly ever use anything but 8 pearl!

Sharon said...

I LOVE your top. Make sure you follow the quilting instructions for wool batting and keep the washing instructions. My friend has ruined 3 quilts that were made with wool. 2 were longarmed by me and one hand quilted. She washed them in HOT water and Regular wash and the wool all felted and matted. She is now UNQUILTING.