Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How I did it

Thanks so much for your comments on my quilt--the one with "perfect" written on it in free-pieced letters.  I thought that I ought to post an answer to the questions in your comments.  First, Kim wanted to know what was my inspiration--and the answer is more than one of the quilts in the "Amish Abstractions" book, such as the Bricks in Bars, Roman Stripes, Chinese coins, and Joseph's Coat.
Secondly, I was asked my method of assembling the various blocks.  I don't have a design wall.  I set the blocks out on my bed, and arranged them.  I figured out that I needed to make a couple more blocks to balance the quilt. Then I took a photo or two.  I used the camera to refer to as I sewed the blocks together.  First I assembled the letters, then I made the square-in-a-square block and after that, it was fairly easy to figure out where everything went.  Then I added the borders.


liz said...

Is it too late to join? This is right up my alley!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Liz, you're no-reply. you need to send an email with your addy so we can add you to the blog.