Monday, February 15, 2010

Almost a Top

Hi! Sharon of Indigo Threads here. This little crib quilt was calling me so loudly, I had to stop any progress on the 9-Patches I'm supposed to be doing and make some stars! I'm pretty happy with my little "warm-up" quilt! I used some hand-dyes that my friend Roberta made. It's come along pretty quickly, as the stars finish at 6 inches. I'm ready now to make the letters. I know what word I'm going to use, just have to sit down and git 'er done. I haven't yet decided if the word and the last border will be the top, the bottom or the side of the quilt.

Here is my Cherrywood fabrics that I've picked for my color palette for the 9-patches. I'm not 100% positive about that bright pink yet. The gold squares on the left are what I'll be using for the centers of the 9-patches.

And here are my first two 9-Patch blocks. I'm not sure I like them. . . not wonky enough? I can't decide. So, I'm going to make a few more and try to make them wonkier and see what I like. Somehow these aren't inspiring me, but maybe they're just lonely and when I get more done they'll be "better" somehow. Or maybe it's just me?

Just a quick mention . . . today is the last day to leave a comment on my blog to be entered in my giveaway. (You have until midnight Pacific time tonight.) So, please, drop by and take a chance!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I suspect they are "lonely" and will be just fine once their cousins arrive in town!

Love the crib quilt you've shared!

Marit said...

Lovely palette of Cherrywood fabrics. I like the way the pink adds the unexpected. And I'm thinking like Quiltdivajulie, they are just a bit lonely...
Happy sewing!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

love the 9-patches - great colors. I'd keep the little bit of pink in to add interest. wheeee on the stars - very bright and happy.

Clare said...

Oh those stars. Brilliant!

Great fabric choice.

Jewel said...

I love Cerise... your stars are so gorgeous!