Sunday, February 14, 2010

If you can believe it

Wendy here.  This picture represents 355 sewn units of HSTs waiting to be trimmed.  They will finish at 1".  If I were making a full quilt, I figure I'd need at least 1600 of these units and some VERY HUGE borders.  As it is, I'm happy with a table runner.  I'll be putting these together as a L&E project while I finish some other WIPs.  I've never made words before, and I must admit I am a little nervous about them.  But, hey.  This is liberated, right?  Anything goes.  I planned on a black background, but I have no idea what color border yet (where the words will be).

1 comment:

Marit said...

These triangles looks adorable. Great idea for a L&E project. Thank you for sharing!