Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blogger Picture Posting

Hi Everyone,
Tonya asked me to do a little tutorial for those that are new to blogspot. I will show how to post pictures.

I am going into great detail here so some of this you probably already know hang in there with see the pictures closer up just click on the picture and you will get a larger version.

First you click the little landscape looking picture thingy (thingy is a technical term).

Then when the upload box comes up click browse to find the picture on your computer:

When the search box comes up you can look around your computer for the picture you want to use ( in my case I will look in my quilting folder):

When I find the picture I want I can either double click it or click it once then click upload. After it is uploaded it will show as a little picture in the upload box:

Then I click okay. Once the picture showes in your post you will see a little blue menu bar. It will allow you to show the picture as small, medium, large or extra large. It will also allow you to choose where the picture is positioned. I like mine centered and I am going to show you what x-large does. I  will then preview to see if my picture is how I want it:

Here is a preview with my picture set to x-large. As you can see the picture gets cut off on the side this way:

So I want to change it to just large and see what happens. I close the preview window. The menu box is gone but if I click on the picture again the menu box will come up (the red X is my click :) )  the arrow shows where I can change the size :

Once I change the size to large I can preview again to make sure this is right:

And it is ... you can see my whole name now. Then I notice that the picture is in the wrong place in my post. This happened because I didn't have my cursor where I wanted my picture to be when I started my upload.  I want it to be below the break line and text :

If I then click on the picture I can drag it to where I want it in the post. No need to remove and re-upload it in the right place:

Then I can publish my post.

If there are any other things that you guys can think of that you would like a tutorial for just let me know.


Sharon said...

Hi Jewel, thanks for the tutorial. Do you know how to upload more than one picture at a time to your post? Just wondering....Sharon

Jewel said...
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Jewel said...

I made absolutely no sense in my last comment. Let's try this again... look at the 4th picture. The yellow box around the picture preview shows you which picture you are about to insert into your post. With this box if you want to upload more than one picture you can do that all at once. Each time you want to insert a picture you click on the picture button (thingy)this box will come up. click on the picture you want to insert next and the yellow box will be around it... that is how you know what picture you are putting in next. Just because the box closes it doesn't mean all of your pictures will go away. Hope that helps.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I've been blogging for a long time now and my upload set up does not look anything like what you've shown (I use a PC at work and my Mac at home).

What version are you using?

Jewel said...

Julie I have emailed you. I found some info on blogger that might be the difference but I need to see what yours looks like.

Kim said...

Okay I have finally learned how to do pictures.... now how do some of you add places in your messages that are "clickable" to other pictures, blogs,
and books?

Its a mystery to me.

Happy sewing

Jewel said...

Hi Kim,

I will do a quick tutorial on that too but I will email you as well...

Tonya Ricucci said...

Jewel, this is wonderful. QuiltDivaJulie, when I set up this blog I "upgraded" to the most recent blogging tool. It looks different now than my old blogger did. I think that's the difference - new blogger stuff.