Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Patty A. is joining the party!

Hello my name is Patty. I lived in beautiful Tuscarawas County, Ohio for more than 30 years. Tuscarawas County is next to Holmes County. I now live in Summit County, Ohio (ugh!). I have been quilting for a long time and my first exposure to Amish quilting was in the mid-70's. My first bars quilt was made with calicos instead of solids - oops! I still work at Miller's Dry Goods in Charm, Holmes Co., Ohio twice a year at their two biggest sales in May and October.
I hand dye fabric for my art quilts, make a lot of baby quilts for gifts, made a lot of quilts (as gifts) for some very famous musicians (stay tuned for more stories, see the one I have posted on my blog), and right now I am into making quilts with african dutch wax fabrics. The quilt pictured is one I recently sold. It is made with all kinds of african fabrics.
I am excited to join the quilting party! Now I just have to figure out what I am going to make.
Stop over at my blog and sign up for the giveaway I am having. Names will be drawn Feb. 24.


Kim said... do we get to your blog?

Happy Sewing

Wendy said...

Kim, that's

Tonya Ricucci said...

fun quilt. you've been lucky to see all those Amish quilts in Ohio. yeah, deciding can be difficult!