Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first Blog Post

That was the first time I put a photo in a blog post-so apologies for the tiny, faraway photo. And for some reason the link to the Bricks in Bars Amish quilt isn't actually a link. I'll get better at this.


Yvonne said...

You're doing fine...we all had to start somewhere. People are great at helping out.....don't be afraid to ask questions. :)

Jewel said...

Hi Kathleen,

No problem... you are fine. I will email you with a couple tips for posting if you like.

Kathleen C. said...

Thanks Jewel. I want to do things right so other bloggers will not have a problem with my posts.
When I was posting the photo, I was given the option of small, med., or large image; I chose small--I had a vision of my photo being really huge in the post!. Maybe I should have gone with Medium size. And I realize I should have cropped my photo in Picasa before posting.
Everyone is very helpful.Thanks,

wishes, true and kind said...

You would not believe the problems I had when I first started blogging last June. It took me awhile to figure out how to make my banner picture not take up most of the page! It gets easier very quickly!

When I add pictures I always go with "large". They are a great size and fit into the blog format. When I go with extra large they are too big, but large works for me.

Good luck! And I love your quilt so far!


Kathleen C. said...

Joan, thanks so much for your comments! Kathleen C. in CT