Tuesday, February 23, 2010

not sure about the letters

Now, of course, after making them, i'm not sure about them. This top has hit the ugly stage. I usually don't do borders, unless they are pieced, but I am considering either more black or red.


Heidi said...

what about putting more yellow under the letters, so they are clearer ?
And I vote for the black :-)
Great colours !

Tonya Ricucci said...

yup, I'm with Heidi. More yellow around the letters, that will help it stand out more from the quilt. maybe a narrow inner red border before the wordy border begins?

Clare said...

Yup. You definitely need a gap. Perhaps something that will contrast with the black and the yellow, but won't detract from the quilt itself.

I'm having the same problem and probably going for the letters on the back.

Your piecing is a more accurate than mine LOL.

woolywoman said...

I think I will rip the letters off, put in a red border and then see what i think. oh well, ripping is just sewing in reverse, right?