Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seected Fabric for two projects

Some days I am such a trying to decide on the project and the fabrics. Instead of one project I now have two sitting on the ironing board.This group of fabrics is going to be used for a small quilt influenced by quilt #73 (on the website.) I'm purposely trying not to use black in this quilt but may end up with some in the end. Why no black you ask? Just for a challenge...though hand quilting black is a real challenge for me too!

This second group will definitely have some black with it but I want to find some not too solid denimy looking black. I also want to add some more blue denim-y looking cotton. It will be influenced by a small log cabin (not sure if the number is 92 or 42 on the web...Amazon better hurry with that book!)

So the first choice was influence by the design/pattern and the second one with the colors. Since I have all the fabrics for the first one (and I know what words I want in it!) I am starting with that. I'm hoping since I am working small that I have a chance to finish it!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

just in case you go "what the..." - I added a link in your post. I love the color combination in the second batch. purty. hope you get your book soon!

Jewel said...

I love the colors in the first picture... can't wait to see the quilts from both batches though.

Sharon said...

I wondered about hand quilting on black so I did a test run last night. I used chocolate brown thread and I really liked how it looks. Plus it will be easy to see my markings as I use a metallic silver prisma pencil. LOVE this marking tool.