Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your Thoughts?

The 6-1/2" blocks are all on the design wall now ~ 6 x 8 so this will finish at 36" x 48".

What do you see for borders? Or does it need borders? It's a bit small for a lap quilt and a bit large for the wall so it could go either way.

Words? I know I'll put my name and year on the back, but I can't decide about words for the front. Part of me has named this No Words Needed ~ the other part of me keeps nagging that we're supposed to include words.

But what to say?

I'm open to suggestions!!!



Wendy said...

Those could be your words "No words needed".

Kim said...

How about your initials like
Rene' did on her quilt?
Maybe in the center somewhere?
Its looking good!

Happy Sewing

Tonya Ricucci said...

have you already made your name and the year for the back? if not, try making them for the front and see how you like it. then, if that doesn't work you can put them on the back. I know I don't do it often enough but I LOVE antique quilts that have the makers' info really bold on the front.

Sharon said...

Love this, and I agree with Tonya. I've never made words so this is new, but when I see them, I htink they are fantastic. even just your initials and the year along one border.

Ati said...

Love this layout! If you think , the words are not nice on the front, just sew them on the back. I did!

Clare said...

I'm deliberating too. It's not an easy decision to make and yes - "No Words Needed", is brilliant!

debbi d-w said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout! the guidelines say words or numbers. . .I see a 1, a 7, and a slightly pointy 0 - I love it like it is!

Rene' said...

Love your layout! Your title "no words needed" is brilliant. I agree with the others who suggested try and see how you like the letters on the front and if you don't then put them on the back.

Teresa said...

What about finishing out the points of the design out into the border? Then leave the rest of the border plain - in the same green fabric. Just a thought.