Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I picked one!

This took much longer than I ever anticipated!

I loved #106, Jacobs Ladder, for the fun ribbon border (could I fit words into that ribbon?) but then I saw #100, Crazy Star, with all those tiny pieces (could I finish it before June - who am I kidding!)

So on the the Log Cabins like 92 with its gorgeous colors (sorry Tonya - I like brown) but then #42 - how gorgeous is that! Oh no...#104 with its wild stripes (and I have some striped fabric that could make great cheater piece but then how would I get the words in there?)

Go simple, go simple I keep telling myself - you have plenty of time to over-think this later...ah, so then I saw #73, Original Pattern. Simple enough that I can delude myself into thinking I can finish it by the deadline and plenty of opportunity to over-complicate it all on my own. So is this a decision...I think so!


Clare said...

Talking about stripes has given me an idea - thank you!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

You're allowed to like brown. ;-) You've got a plan - go for it!