Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting the Process

Hi everyone, I'm Sharon from Blaine, WA. You can't be any further NW than
Blaine, WA It's a small town on the ocean and also on the Canadian border. We are expecting a lot of Olympic traffic this month, as Vancouver BC is just across from us.
As for this challenge, I'm so excited to be participating and quilting along with everyone. There are some familiar bloggers here, and I look forward to seeing everyone's work. First off, I'm NOT a liberated quilter, but I want to be. I've got Gwens new book, and many older books she and Joe have written on Amish quilts and hand quilting. I've also got Jean Wells new book and it too, is very liberated. Click here and here for two posts from her presentation at our guild.
I've only tried Gwens stars (made 5) and have them in a small wall hanging in my studio.
My inspiration is going to be Bars. I'm thinking "stars and bars" and my goal is to make several bars of liberated stars and several bars of liberated piecing. And this is what I'd like to use.
I've had this bag of hand dyes for several years and the time has come to cut them up. They are a bit bright for Amish, but hey, we're stretching the boundaries. Black will be my background.
Does our top have to be quilted and bound by the June time line? or just pieced?


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

love your fabrics - they are GORGEOUS. And I love your plan - it will be awesome.

the goal is a quilt TOP by the end of June. That's going to be a stretch, but it helps to have a goal to shoot for.

We've got two Sharons in this class - eek.

Anonymous said...

beautiful fabric...sounds like you're well on your way

Clare said...

Lovely fabric.

Like your idea.

Kathy said...

thanks for reminding me that I want Jean Wells new book too...gotta add it to my list!

Luv the colors you chose!

Kim said...

Yummy! Its fun to see every ones ideas....thanks for sharing those great colors.