Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three choices

I have it narrowed down to three choices for my Amish inspiration piece:

#085 Trip around the World- I actually like the flying geese border and am thinking about doing the whole quilt using flying geese

#082 Hole in the Barn Door

#47 Maple Leaf

Going to have to think about it some more......any suggestions??


Jewel said...

Oh man... you just had to show me that Maple Leaf... I didn't see it the first time around... hmmm... I had picked Hole In The Barn Door but now I am re-thinking.

Kim said...

Well here is my dilemma and maybe it will help you choose too.
Now you see how much quilting is done on the hole in the barn door?
and how little part it plays in the other two choices? Well my quilting is not the best and how much do I want it to show?
But I think I have fallen in love with the wedding ring and even think I would put my DH and my name and anniversary date around the border of the quilt.....but oh that quilting is holding me back. I'm still waiting for my book for final decision making :0) (Sorry this is so long I have been a few days without a voice from laryngitis so typing is the next best thing :0) )

Happy Sewing

sophie said...

I think you could abstract ideas from any one of those three fabulous quilts and have a lot of fun. Since my fabric choices now have me second-quessing my plan, my suggestion is that you decide on fabrics/color palette, then revisit these three quilts and choose based on the combination of fabric and block pattern.

Jewel said...

Kim... I actually love doing feathered wreaths so that is one of the things that attracts me. Not that you couldn't do any kind of quilting in the squares. I certainly wouldn't let that stop me if I was you :)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

it's not like you have to leave the squares blank in the middle of the churn dashes. Did you ever see Bonnie's Love in the Barn Door with the pieced loves in the middle?

The colors and pattern of the first quilt - the Trip Around the World blew me away. wheee.